American Natural Premium | Vendor Spotlight


American Natural Premium - Premium Nutrition Without the Premium Price Tag


Natural Premium is a small family-operated business, started by Jennifer Burlo and Gene Large in 1988 who ran and operated Riverview Kennel. They noticed the lack of quality dog food their customers were bringing into their kennel and the issues the dogs were having on the food. So, they decided to produce a premium, high-quality and performing pet food - and American Natural Premium was born. 


Q. What type of products do you sell? 
A. Premium all-natural dog and cat food. We sell all-natural dog treats too. 


Q. What is your most unique or signature product(s)?
A. Our big green Original bag. This is the company’s first SKU and still bestselling SKU. The dogs do excellent on the formula. 


Q. What purpose does it serve?
A. It produces results. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll see them. 


Q. Who needs this product?
A. Everyone who’s looking for a well-preforming premium food and not unloading their pocket books. 


Q. What is the best way to display your products in a retail store?
A. On every endcap or on a flatbed on the way to the customers car. Otherwise, separate the grains from grain frees as we use different packaging for each. We use a different solid color for each SKU, so it looks very nice together on shelf. 


Q. Does your company do anything in particular to help independent brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce?
A. Yes, we offer a frequent buyer. We also provide Sampler Kits, Rescue Packs, Puppy Packs, Trial Kits, in-store demos, trade shows, etc. to grow and retain customers. We want to work for you. We also think premium brands who jumped shipped and sold to mass-market is the bigger problem and we’re committed to small independent, family-owned, and neighborhood pet shops. 


Q. Are there any other value-added services you offer that you would like dealers to know about?
A. Yes, our Rescue Packs, Puppy Packs, Sampler Kits, Trial Kits, in-store demos, etc. have proven results to keep and gain customers. We’re also active attending trade shows promoting the product.  You name it - we’re here to help!