Dog Rocks 101

What are Dog Rocks?

VDB # 223014 - Dog Rocks Lawn Burn Patch Preventative

Image of Dog RocksDog Rocks are the natural way to stop pet urine burn marks.

Dog Rocks are a 100% natural and safe Australian product that help save lawns from burn patches caused by dogs when they urinate on grass. They filter out impurities in water, such as tin, ammonia and nitrates without changing the PH level of the dog’s pee. 

What Causes Grass Burn?

The impurities are generally passed out through urine and when they come in contact with grass it results in grass burn; a dead yellow patch of grass.

How Do Dog Rocks Work?

Dog Rocks make the water source cleaner for your pet and eliminate grass burn. Water without impurities from Dog Rocks will actually help your pet to fertilize your lawn. Once using Dog Rocks, coupled with repairing the original burn marks your grass will start looking greener and fresher in no time at all.  Continue using Dog Rocks and they will help prevent any burn marks occurring. Dog Rocks are a naturally mined product so the rock sizes differ from pack to pack but the weight of each pack is the same and, therefore, the efficacy is consistent.

How Long Do Dog Rocks Last?

The rocks need replacing every two months as they become saturated by this point and will be less effective.  There is a date sticker in the pack to remind you of when to replace the product. 

How Are Dog Rocks Used?

Simply rinse the rocks in water then place them in the pet’s drinking water bowl. They work like a sponge absorbing excess nitrates and other trace elements that can damage your grass when the dog takes a pee. This means there is less of a concentration of nitrate in your pet’s urine which ultimately means that the pee will not kill your grass. Less nitrates in, less nitrates out! 

Why Should I Carry Dog Rocks In My Retail Store?

• 100% natural & convenient

Image of Dog Rocks Display

• Laboratory tested, sold & endorsed by vets & pet parents worldwide

• No change in the PH balance of the dog’s urine

• Very effective, proven and tested

• Easy to display in store with shelf-ready display packs or peg displays

• Easy add on sale for retailers 

• Consumable product providing repeat sales


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