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A: How did NaturVet get started?

A: Garmon Corp/ NaturVet all started when Scott Garmon and his wife Traci were told from several veterinarians that they recommended putting down their beloved lab Winston, after he was diagnosed with severe arthritis and hip dysplasia. This was never going to be an option for the Garmon family. They began researching alternative medicine while working with Dr. Pedro Rivera, a renowned holistic veterinarian. After several months, they developed a natural joint formula that gave Winston a second chance at life. Winston went on to enjoy ten long years of playing and swimming with his brothers and Garmon Corp/NaturVet was born! For over 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing natural products to ensure the superior of quality of life that all pets deserve. All of our products are high quality formulations developed by staff scientists and Veterinarians Dr. Pedro Rivera and Dr. Ihor Basko.


Q: What type of products do you sell?

A: NaturVet sells a variety of natural pet supplements for dogs, cats and horses; including an assortment of training aids and natural home and yard care products. Our supplement categories include; allergy care, calming aids, digestive health, immune support, joint care, grooming aids, skin and coat health, senior wellness, vitamin supplements, and flea products. Many of our products are offered in various forms of delivery methods such as powders, gels, soft chews, chewable tablets, liquids and sprays.

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Q: What is your signature product?

A: NaturVet ArthriSoothe-GOLD® Level 3 Advanced Joint Care is veterinarian formulated and Clinically Tested to increase activity! We completed a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled in vivo clinical trial on 70 dogs at the University of Minnesota. The result was the average pain decrease for dogs on ArthriSoothe-GOLD® was over 30% less compared to dogs on the placebo. Also, dogs on ArthriSoothe-GOLD® had 2.6 greater odds of showing an increase in activity after only 25 days of treatment, compared to dogs on the placebo.


A: What purpose does it serve?

A: ArthriSoothe-GOLD® is specifically formulated to support healthy hip and joint function and assist in maintaining joint flexibility. Also helps to support structural joint integrity and connective tissues and helps to alleviate aches and discomfort associated with daily exercise.


Q: Who needs this product?

A: It is important to remember that joint issues in pets are not always age related. All pets may eventually be faced with joint issues due to various conditions such as cartilage degeneration, hip dysplasia, poor nutrition, obesity, trauma, or advanced aging. Most pet parents are not even aware that joint supplements are available for their pets. ArthriSoothe-GOLD® Level 3 Clinically Tested Joint Care is great for senior pets, those recovering from joint related injuries or surgery or when the most joint support is needed.


Q: What is the best way to display your products in a retail store?

A: NaturVet products can be displayed many ways; in a brand block or category sections, as well as end-aisle, and in-aisle displays. We also offer small table top displays, drop down displays, power panels, brochures, and shelf talkers.

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Q: Does your company do anything in particular to help independent brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce?

A: NaturVet supports brick and mortar stores in multiple ways; we offer specific dealer monthly promotions which encourages them to pass on special savings to their customers, we offer monthly NaturVet University which focuses on product education, ingredients, product features and benefits, display options, etc. NaturVet University also includes a Question and Answer section to help educate the store associates to better assist pet parents looking for solutions or preventative supplements for their pets. We also offer promotional programs to help assure a competitive position in the marketplace. NaturVet also helps to supports brick and mortar stores by regulating and enforcing e-commerce Manufacturer Retail Price Policy (MRPP). Consequences are imposed to on-line sellers that advertise and or sell NaturVet products below the published MRPP. NaturVet products are not available to mass and grocery retail outlets.


Q: What cross-selling advice do you have for a dealer?

A: For instance, if you see a customer purchasing NaturVet Aller-911 Allergy Aid Soft Chews, the retail associate should ask “Do you also need an allergy product for external issues? Then present the customer with either Naturvet Aller-911 Hot Spot Foam or NaturVet Aller-911 Anti-Lick Paw Spray. “This will help provide support for allergy issues both internally and externally.”


Q: Are there any other value-added services you offer that you would like dealers to know about?

A: We listen to our dealers, as they are on the front line with the end consumer. Dealers know the marketplace and subsequently, what is influencing the end consumer. We encourage dealers to reach out and contact us directly with concerns, suggestions on how to improve what we offer to them, the consumers and their pets.