Petmate Vendor Spotlight


Pet products made for and by pet people

Petmate is the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry. We are passionate about providing fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families.


Q. What type of products do you sell?

A. Kennels, crates, bedding, toys, feeding & watering, waste management, litter pans and accessories, shelters, collars & leashes, food storage, grooming tools, bird and small pet accessories.


Q. What is your most unique or signature product?
A. Petmate created the first dog kennel more than 50 years ago. The ValuPaws Housetraining Crate is a secure wire crate option market for housetraining a pet.


Q. What purpose does it serve?
A. The ValuPaws Housetraining Crate is ideal for housetraining puppies. 


Q. Who needs this product?
A. New puppy parents


Q. What is the best way to display your products in a retail store?
A. We recommend always showing at least one crate assembled on display so consumers see the full dimensions, features and quality of the crate. Remaining inventory should be organized by size for easy selection. 


Q. Does your company do anything in particular to help independent brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce?
A. Petmate recently implemented a policy to monitor minimum advertised prices (MAP) across internet retailers to ensure their price offerings remain in line with brick and mortar pricing. Also, the ValuPaws Crates are not sold directly to any e-commerce customers. It is intended for brick and mortar customers only.


Q. What cross-selling advice do you have for a dealer? 
A. When consumers are purchasing a wire crate like the ValuPaws Housetraining Crate, it’s important for retail associates to ask if they also need a crate pad, as it provides a layer of comfort and warmth for the pet inside. Crate pads are an ideal add-on item, as so many pet parents want to provide the very best for their pets. 


Q. Are there any other value-added services you offer that you would like dealers to know about? 
A. Our in-house marketing teams produce high-resolution product imagery, lifestyle photography and demonstrative videos that are fully available to any of our dealers.