Shipping Policy

John A Van Den Bosch Freight LLC is proud to transport your order to your location.  Our fleet of modern trucks and excellent drivers will deliver based on our preexisting route schedule.  If you have questions, please use the Contact Us form to pass them on.

We are a regional distributor that serves the markets of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio & the Chicago, IL areas.  If you live outside these areas other shipping arrangements can be made at your own expense.

As a wholesale distributor, we do not sell to the general public.  You must have an approved wholesale account to purchase from the John A Van Den Bosch Company.  Wholesale account status will be extended to customers who meet established requirements.  If your business is outside of our service area, you will be responsible for the transportation of your orders.  All freight not delivered by John A Van Den Bosch Freight LLC is FOB Holland MI.

John A. Van Den Bosch recognizes two types of backorders: 

- A Vendor Backorder is due to supplier fulfillment and is outside of VDB's control. In the event of a Vendor Backorder, VDB will send the backordered product with your next regularly placed order when the product is available. 

- A VDB Backorder is at the fault of VDB. In the event of a VDB Backorder, please reference the regular VDB Backorder Policy.