Suggestive Selling - Themes

Suggestive Selling: Themed Opportunities 

February is Dental Month - Set up a themed display near the register to make dental health products for dogs and cats an easy add-on sale!

Suggestive selling done well will increase your register sales and adds value to your customer experience. For example, it is hard to argue against the importance of dental health. Gum disease is linked to many health issues including pathologic jaw failure, heart disease, kidney disease and liver disease. On the less extreme side, bad breath can be down right terrible!

Acknowledge that February is Dental Month with a dental themed display near the register to bring the theme into your suggestive selling strategy.

Improve Service and Increase Sales with Suggestive Selling

Your customers want to make good choices for their pets. Politely mentioning that February is dental month and offering a dental treat or mouthwash is a nice to reminder care for their pets’ teeth. Having low price items handy at the register make it easy to say yes to the add-on item.

The Display

When setting up your display, be as creative as you like. You can set up a themed display with a your own mix of products or purchase a pre-made counter-top display. Keep it simple, so that customers can clearly understand the theme of the display.

Dental Month Recommendations

For Dental Month, stand out with your own creation! Set up a combination display of Synergy Labs Dental Fresh Mouthwash and Sentry Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste. Put out a basket of individually wrapped Greenies. Set up both a dog and a cat display. For dogs, feature Hero Dental Bones, Soda Pup Stars and Stripes Denal Bone, NPIC Get Naked Dental Sticks and Nutrivet dental hygiene products; for cats display Greenies Feline, Synergy Dental Fresh and Petstages Dental Health Chew Cat Toys. Want something that is very unique? Choose Mammoth Extra Fresh Knot Tugs which are are specially formulated with real mint dental floss to freshen breath and control tarter while playing, tossing and tugging! Otherwise, save time with a pre-made a Merrick Fresh Kisses counter-top display. 

[Download the White Paper with Product List]