True Dogs | Vendor Spotlight

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When we started True Dogs four years ago we set out to create a business driven by our values. Perhaps we’re a bit old fashioned, but we believe that business can be a force for good. Here are the things that we stand for:

1. Premium Product: We work hard to make really great products that resonate with consumers. All of our toys are fun, colorful and functional. While no dog toy is indestructible, we use premium materials with enhanced tear strength and our designs are engineered to minimize vulnerabilities.

2. USA Manufacturing: We’re committed to American renewal and bringing jobs back to the USA. We produce everything in the USA.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Our toys are made from durable natural rubber which comes from rubber trees. It is sustainable, non-toxic, FDA-compliant and biodegradable. Unlike our competitors who use TPR, TPU and other petroleum-based materials, our toys will not be sitting in landfills hundreds of years from now.

4. Consumer-centric: We understand that not all dog owners are alike. Therefore, we produce a wide range of designs that speak to different types of dog lovers. All of our toys are designed to meet the needs of dogs but with the dog parent in mind.

5. Protect our customers: We sell 6 brands across multiple distribution channels. The SodaPup brand and the USA-K9 brand are specifically for Pet Specialty where we maintain a MAP policy and tight distribution in order to protect these customers.

6. Giving Back: We believe in giving back to our community and to dog-related charities. The SodaPup brand focuses on giving back to animal shelters. The USA-K9 targets it’s contributions to Military Working Dogs and their handlers serving overseas as well as to dog-related veterans organizations.

Q.  What type of products do you sell?

A.  We specialize in durable, American-made, natural rubber dog toys. Our products are specifically designed for Super Chewers. We introduce new toys every month so retailers can keep their assortments fresh.

Q.  What is your most unique or signature product(s)?

A.  We are best known for our Can Toy chew toy and treat dispenser however we have several new styles that are getting a lot of attention including our Coffee Cup treat dispenser in the SodaPup brand and also the Grenade Chew Toy and Treat Dispenser in the USA-K9 product line.

 image of Soda Pup Cans 

Q.  What purpose does it serve?

A.  All of the toys mentioned above are super durable chew toys and treat dispensers. They are a great solution for problem chewers. They can also be used as slow feeders, for crate training and for helping dogs with separation anxiety.

Q.  Who needs this product?

A.  Anyone with a dog that loves to chew needs our products! Many of our toys come in multiple sizes. Even little dogs can be power chewers! As mentioned above, our toys can be used to dispense treats to help entertain your dog. They can be used as a chew toy or a slow feeder, for crate training and for separation anxiety. 

Q.  What is the best way to display your products in a retail store?

A. We’ve found that the best way to merchandise our product is on pegs in the toy section. If you have a MADE IN USA section that is also a great spot for our products.

Q.  Does your company do anything in particular to help independent brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce?

A.  We maintain MAP pricing. We don’t sell the SodaPup and USA-K9 brands to discounters. We don’t sell to Chewy.

Q.  What cross-selling advice do you have for a dealer? 

If you see a customer buying treats, the retail should ask whether their dog likes treat dispensers to keep them entertained. If yes, the customer should consider one of our many treat dispensers. (Can Toy, Grenade, Coffee Cup)

If you see a customer looking at toys imported from China, the sales associate should ask whether they would consider a USA made product instead.

All of our toys have some sort of functionality. Some are treat dispensers. Some are ultra-durable chew toys (crazy bounce, stars and stripes ball), Some are Tug Toys (Pop Top Tug Toy). Some are retrieving toys (rocket pop, bottle top flyers) some are floating toys for retrieving in water (Can Toy Training Dummy, Fire Cracker Training Dummy). So depending on the needs of the consumer, we have a solutions-based toy to meet that need.