Vendor Spotlight: Merrick Pet Care

Q & A with Merrick Pet Care's Kristen Simpson

Q: What is Merrick Pet Care's company tag line?
A: Whole Health Made Right

Q: What is Merrick's innovation statement?
A: At Merrick, we don’t just make pet food. We make the Best Food Ever. For the Best Pet Ever. Yours. Merrick Pet Care's real, wholesome recipes use USDA-inspected deboned meat and fresh produce for industry-leading levels of protein, glucosamine and chondroitin. And we never import ingredients from China — all our kibble & canned recipes are handcrafted in our Hereford, Texas kitchen with ingredients from farmers we know and trust. Merrick Pet Care strives to make the best dog and cat food and treats. Because your best deserves our best.

Q: What types of products does Merrick sell?
A: Merrick offers premium, high-quality natural food and treats for dogs and cats. With recipes such as our Grain Free Texas Beef, Backcountry Pacific Catch, or Limited Ingredient Diet Duck for dogs, there is a solution for every pet. For cats, Merrick offers a wide selection of grain-free, protein-rich recipes in kibble and cans.  Merrick kibble & canned recipes offer the following core features:

  • #1 Ingredient deboned meat, fish, or poultry
  • No wheat, no corn, no soy
  • All-natural ingredients from farmers we know and trust
  • Cooked in Merrick’s Texas kitchens with no ingredients from China

Q: What is Merrick's most unique or signature product?
A: Merrick actually got its start by selling high-quality, meat-focused wet recipes such as Grammy’s Pot Pie and Cowboy Cookout. Since then, the Merrick wet food lineup has significantly expanded to offer protein-rich pates to our popular chunky stews. However, Merrick’s most unique product has to be our Wingaling recipe; a meaty stew that features a hand-stuff, pressure-cooked, tender chicken wing in every can.

Q: What purpose does Merrick Wet Recipes serve?A: Wet food is a great multi-purpose product for pet parents to have on hand. It can be used as a complete meal or as a topper over kibble.

Q: Who needs Merrick Wet Recipes?A: Have a finicky eater? Have a dog that needs more moisture in their diet? Have a cat that prefers a complete-wet diet? Merrick has a large number of wet food offerings to please every pet!

Q: What is the best way to display Merrick products in a retail store?
A: Whether it’s kibble, wet, or treats, Merrick’s line offers a solution for every pet parent. We recommend merchandising the dry recipes and wet recipes together to promote incremental purchases. Our Merrick Backcountry line of dry, wet, and treats, also make for an impactful end cap. Looking to increase basket size? Merrick wet recipes or treats such as Power Bites, are at an ideal price-point for an add-on sale and make for a great register display!

Q: Does Merrick do anything in particular to help independent brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce?
A: Merrick Pet Care values the support of our independent brick & mortar retailers, and we enforce a very strong MAP policy. We also offer promotional programs, free product samples, and other merchandising programs to help increase transactions and in-store traffic.

Q: What cross-selling advice do you have for a dealer?
A: For instance, if you see a customer purchasing joint supplements, the retail associate should ask, “Would you be interested in trying a Merrick dry food? All their kibble recipes for dogs support healthy hips and joints with guaranteed levels of Glucosamine + Chondroitin of up to 1200 mg each!”

Q: Are there any other value-added services Merrick offers that you would like dealers to know about?
A: Merrick’s Pet Parent Relations team is one of the best in the business, they have a quick response time and are accessible either via phone, e-mail, social media, or live chat on the Merrick webpage.